Door to Door Airport Service
Passengers travelling in private service may choose their own pick up time or defer to the reservation staff for pick up time. Private service also allows passengers to select the type of vehicle used for the transfer.
Make the easiest choice when using Just in Time. Your holiday starts without traffic headaches when JIT arrives at their door. On the return leg, there is no need to search for a car in a dark parking lot or have relatives or friends wade through traffic to pick them up.

Shared Ride Shuttle
Passenger pickups in Shared Ride Shuttle will be combined into trips in order to facilitate the most efficient route for all passengers arriving at the airport for similar check-in times. The most economical and certainly most popular service JIT provides is the shuttle service. Shuttle service means, that you are booked on a vehicle that is carrying other passengers. The rates for shuttle service are even better if you are travelling with two or more people in your party. JIT knows that you are anxious to get to your destination and that is why we try to limit the number of stops for any vehicle to around four, whenever possible. Reservations are required and we normally suggest booking anywhere from one week to one month prior to your travel. However, we know you can’t always predict when you’ll need to travel, so we will always do our best to accommodate last-minute bookings.

Scheduled service connecting Kitchener and Waterloo with Toronto Pearson Airport. Tickets are purchased directly from the Airporter Driver by cash or credit card only.


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