Hasan Ahmet GOKCE, Ph.D.

Hasan Ahmet is the founder and CEO of JIT Transport. He has dedicated his career to airport transportation since he began his residency in Canada in 2016. Hasan Ahmet started JIT Transport with three drivers in September 2016 and has worked tirelessly to grow the company to tens of thousands of satisfied passengers and dozens of staff today. 

Hazel GOKCE, Ph.D.
Vice President/CFO

Hazel is the Vice President and CFO of JIT Transport. She has dedicated her career to airport transportation since she began his residency in Canada in 2016 with her husband. Hacer holds BA, MEd, and Ph.D. in educational sciences and enjoys “a house full of books, and a garden of flowers”.

Sumeyra OZCAN, MA
Director Of Business Development

Sumeyra graduated from Bogazici University in 2013 with a BA in psychology. She worked as an editor for various publishing companies in Europe. After completing her master’s program studies at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Germany, she moved to Canada. She has been serving JIT’s wonderful customers as an information specialist since 2017.

Sungur Sahin
Customer Service Specialist

Sungur is a customer service specialist known for delivering outstanding support to JIT customers. With excellent communication skills, he excels in resolving inquiries and providing top-notch service. His commitment to customer satisfaction, empathy, and attention to detail makes him a valuable asset in delivering exceptional experiences to customers.

Operations Manager/Salesforce Admin

Erkan joined JIT Transport in 2017. He has undertaken various duties, including Salesforce Administrator/Developer, to make the company more productive. Erkan has ten years of IT management experience in the Turkish National Police, United Nations, and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Erkan holds an MBA from The State University of New York.

Graphic Designer

My name is Sylvia. I create awesome print and web designs. I define myself as a loyal, adaptable, passionate, self-motivated, confident, and down-to-earth person, which means I am smart and fun. I have been a graphic designer for 12 years. I was just 16 when I fall in love with the design and this relationship still continues. My first design was a magazine for my high school. I was very satisfied with it and thought about how brilliant and modern it was! When I look at it now, I can not believe that my hands made something like this. I have completely changed my style over the years, now I try to make modern, inventive, simple ad timeless designs.

Vehicle Maintenance Specialist

Mike has 20+ years of experience working on cars and went through training with General Motors & Chrysler. He has spent 13 years working as a Master Technician with American and Japanese cars. Mobile repair lets him be in control of the quality he provides for the JIT fleet. He loves to learn about cars!

Matthew Berberoglu
Salesforce Developer

Matthew is a Certified Salesforce developer with four years of experience helping teams solve problems with Salesforce and 10+ years of experience in IT industry. As a Salesforce Developer, he is managing and optimizing the Salesforce ecosystem at JIT Transport to discover game-changing insights and drive growth. Matthew holds a BArch from Europe and a Business and Digital Marketing degree from triOS College.

E. Sophia Roy
Sales & Marketing Specialist

Sophia is a branding and marketing consultant with 6 years of experience. She helps JIT to find a way to market their excellent service with a smart and scalable marketing&brand strategy. 2 years and 3 months on JIT.

Bob Hawk
Junior Information Specialist

Bob is an information specialist with many years of experience. He manages all files and analyzes JIT’s data. In addition to data analysis, his job duties include securely storing files, accessing the information on behalf of JIT and its clients, providing reports on the data, and training new team co-workers.